Administrative Notice


Business Address
Pamela Owens, Administrator
Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District
4390 Eldorado Springs Drive
Boulder, CO  80303
Ph: (303) 494-3735

Legal Contact
Dino A. Ross
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Ph: 303-628-3686
Fax: 303-623-2062


Suzanne DeVenny, Secretary (This office will be on the ballot at the next regular election for a 4 year term)

Ed Wiegand, Vice President (This office will be on the ballot at the next regular election for a 4 year term)

Jeremy DeBacker, President/Chair (This office will be on the ballot at the next regular election for a 4 year term)

Ed Ferrigno, Director

Susan Femmer, Director

Meetings of the Board of Directors

Regularly Scheduled Meetings:
Regular meetings will be the 1st Monday of each month at 4pm at 4390 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, Colorado, unless otherwise noted February, March, April, May, June, August, October, November.  Regular Meetings will be held held the 2nd Monday of each month at 4pm at 4390 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, unless otherwise noted January, July, September, December. Notices are posted 72 hours before any regularly scheduled or special meeting.  Changes in venue, cancellations, or other change notices are posted as soon as the District or the Legal Offices is informed of the need to change or cancel a meeting.

Notice of Regular and Special Meetings are posted at the following locations:

1) Boulder County Clerk and Recorder

2) Rocky Mountain Fire Station 1
7700 Baseline
Boulder, CO  80303

3) Rocky Mountain Fire Station 5
2701 S. Indiana
Superior, CO  80027

4) Rocky Mountain Fire Station 6
4390 Eldorado Springs Drive
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Election Information

Elections for the Board of Directors are held even years in May.  Tax questions or other ballot measures may be placed on the May or November ballot. The next regular/special district election: May 8, 2018.

The terms of the members of the Board of Directors are subject to term limits, limiting them to two consecutive 4-year terms in office.

Self Nomination forms may be requested from the District's Designated Election Official (DEO) at: Not yet appointed.

If a DEO has not been appointed by the Board, then self-nomination forms may be obtained from, and must be returned to, the District's Secretary at" 4390 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, CO 80303.

Notices of Election, Calls for Nomination, and any other Notices required for District Board business will be published in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Election Results for all District elections will be posted on the following website: none designated.  November election results can also be found at the website for Boulder County Clerk and Recorder, as well as the Boulder Daily Camera.

Eligible electors may request to be placed on the permanent “Mail-in voter” status, which would provide that all elections run by this District (May elections of even numbered years) or run by the Clerk and Recorder (November elections in all years) of the County shall be mailed to them.  Boulder County Clerk and Recorder has officially recommended people take advantage of this process, as it is both cheaper for the County, and significantly more efficient.  Rocky Mountain Fire follows Boulder County in encouraging all voters to vote by mail ballot as “Mail-in Status” electors.

The form to request being put on the permanent “Mail-in Status”, is available at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s website at or the Secretary of State at .

Financial Information

2016 mill levy generated $7,819,554
For a total ad volorem mill levy of 21.445
Rocky Mountain, with voter approval, is not subject to the revenue limitations contained in TABOR or "Gallager".
Updated by: Pamela Owens, Rocky Mountain Fire District on Jan. 11, 2017.

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