Facility Request Agreement

Rocky Mountain Fire District is pleased to allow use of its facilities for special events. The following rules and regulations are to ensure a safe environment for those attending events. This agreement must be signed on or before the date of the event.

  • The maximum occupancy for the specified training room must be observed. The occupancy at Station 1 is 26 people, Station 5 is 57 people, and Station 6 is 49 people.
  • Meeting rooms can only be reserved up to 1 year in advance. Any regularly occurring event must be renewed annually.
  • If the event requires crew interaction, the event will be limited to a 2-hour time slot. Meetings that do not require crew interaction are limited to 3 hours. No more than 1 event requiring crew interaction will be scheduled at any one station per day (including birthday parties).
  • No overlap of meetings will be allowed and a one-hour buffer between events will be observed when scheduling. The meeting room will be available between the hours of 9am and 9pm.
  • If needed a guest internet account will be available but users will be required to follow District policies on content as posted in training fa cilities. The District reserves the right to limit noise levels as deemed by the officer in charge. You will need to provide your own computer. Please contact District personnel for a more complete description of AV equipment available at a specific stat ion you are interested in reserving.
  • Parking is very limited at and around the stations and hosts should plan accordingly. Parking will only be allowed in designated spaces and all parking signage is considered in effect at all times.
  • All food and necessary supplies will be provided by the host. District kitchens are not available for food preparation or storage, though a kitchenette may exist and be utilized in the meeting room. Host is responsible for cleanup of tables, chairs, and kitchenettes.
  • Guests must be supervised by Fire District personnel while in or on fire apparatus.
  • Firefighters may end an event at any time in order to respond to mergencies. Participants may have to leave the building immediately depending on the current National Security Threat Level. The District holds no liability for an event that must be canceled or rescheduled due to the use of Fire District property and resources no longer available.
  • The District is not liable for any injuries to persons, or damage to property belonging to those attending an event.
  • Any damage caused to District property during the event is the responsibility of the individual signing this agreement.
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms and weapons are prohibited on Fire District property. Smoking is prohibited inside all Dist rict property and used smoking materials must be disposed of in an appropriate container not discarded on Fire District property.