Fall Hazard Checklists

  1. Getting Around
  2. Front and Back Entrances/Throughout Your Home
  3. Living Areas: Living Room & Family Room/Bedroom
  4. Bathroom/Kitchen
  5. Halls, Stairs, Entrances
  6. Fall Prevention Tips

Request a Home Inspection

The Rocky Mountain Fire District would like to help you make sure your home and surrounding property are as fire-safe as possible. Please contact 303-494-3735 if you would like to make arrangements for an inspection of your home and property. An engine crew or member of our department will walk through your home with you, identify any potential fire hazards and suggest corrections and solutions. They will also help you identify a meeting place away from your home in the event of a fire. Another service offered by Rocky Mountain Fire is wildland mitigation. If you live within the district you can request an assessment of your home and property, at no cost. We will help identify trees and shrubs for removal in order to better protect your home in the event a wildfire occurs in your area. In general, trees and shrubs should be cut back at least 20’ from your house, roof, eaves and windows to prevent fire spread.

For further information or assistance please call:

Rocky Mountain Fire District: 303-494-3735