Fire Prevention

In 1984 Rocky Mountain Fire adopted its first fire code. The primary interest of Rocky Mountain Fire is to evaluate fire and life safety hazards within the district. Hazards are determined, inspections are conducted, and fire code problems addressed. Primarily our code enforcement revolves around new construction, commercial, retail, and school occupancies. However, we also provide answers to homeowners on fire safety, and when requested home safety inspections with the homeowners will be conducted

Rocky Mountain Fire currently uses the 2012 International Fire Code. Our Fire Prevention Division conducts inspections of schools, preschools, and high hazard commercial property annually. They conduct other retail and commercial occupancy inspections biannually or by request. The Fire Prevention Division must approve all new commercial, multi-family, and new residential development plans. Once the construction of these new projects begins they inspect the projects and insure they are meeting the District code requirements. The Fire Prevention Division’s mission is to "continue our low fire loss record, and to make Rocky Mountain Fire District a safe place for residents and visitors alike."

While the Fire Prevention Division performs inspections and checks code compliance, firefighters visit every business annually to conduct pre-plan "walk-through”. Pre-plans have updated information that firefighters can review on the way to emergencies and include the building layout, water supply, sprinklers, electrical and gas shut offs, and any other specifics about a building or its contents that would assist the firefighters in making informed decisions in case of an emergency. Firefighters have pre-planned target hazards such as schools, recreation facilities, water treatment plants, commercial and retail occupancies. Firefighters also inform the Fire Prevention Division of any possible life safety problems which need to be addressed.

Rocky Mountain Fire has a strong working relationship with other code and prevention agencies in Boulder County. These include the building officials for the City and County of Boulder, the Building Official for the Town of Superior and other fire departments. This relationship has helped in the development of building codes which enhance fire and life safety in our district.

Plans may be submitted electronicly to or, please include your contact information and who to invoice.  For questions or to call for inspection, please leave a message at 720-295-7490 or 303-494-3735x167 for Michelle Kelly.