Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat)

Rocky Mountain Fire District is responsible for initial response to hazardous materials emergencies throughout the district.  Rocky Mountain Fire is the Designated Emergency Response Authority for the Town of Superior, and shares this responsibility in unincorporated areas of our district with the County Sheriff’s department.  Firefighters respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous materials and are trained to protect citizens, the environment, and property from the effects of these releases.  On arrival at these incidents, firefighters investigate what materials have been released, or have the potential to be released, make a determination as to the threat the situation poses, initiate defensive actions and may summon a formalized hazardous materials team for assistance. 

Responders will attempt to contain the release from a safe distance, and prevent it from spreading.  In many situations, little or no action may need to be taken.  However, public evacuations or a decision to shelter the public in place may be decided upon.   The public would then be notified through emergency broadcasts and the counties reverse 911 system.  The public should listen to these broadcasts and follow directions carefully.  The department will work as quickly as possible to mitigate any threats to the public or environment.

The department maintains relationships with local businesses and facilities to plan for possible hazardous materials emergencies.  These businesses and facilities are required to maintain records of all hazardous materials that are used or stored then their properties.  They also submit to regular inspections from our prevention division and meet our code requirements.  Rocky Mountain Fire will continue to maintain training in hazardous materials and provide rapid response to all emergencies.  If you have questions regarding hazardous materials or need to report a hazardous materials release, please contact our administrative offices 303-494-3735, or if it is an emergency call 911.  For more information, please contact  Chief@rockymountainfire.org