The Rocky Mountain Fire District was overwhelmingly created by voters in November of 2006, and officially formed on January 1, 2007.  The district was created from two prominent fire protection districts, the Cherryvale Fire Protection District, and the Eldorado Springs Marshall Fire Protection District. 

Both districts shared common borders and were always available to help the other when called.  In 2006 the boards from both districts started discussing sharing resources administratively and operationally.  Out of the discussions it was decided to form one Fire Authority as a trial to determine if both districts should merge at a future date.  Fire Authorities allow different districts to operate as one, under a common agreement, without dissolving the individual tax districts.  Throughout 2006 the Fire Authority Board of directors, made up of members from both the Cherryvale and Eldorado Springs boards, governed the day to day operations of both fire districts.  This board directed the chiefs of both districts to work together to merge the separate district operations.  Under the direction of Chief Mike Tombolato, and Chief Ray Proulx, operations for both districts were merged into one.  As a result the Fire Authority Board made recommendations to the Cherryvale and Eldorado Springs Boards, that the two districts be merged into one.  This was accomplished in the 2006 general election.  Cherryvale and the Eldorado Springs Marshall Fire Protections Districts dissolved into the Rocky Mountain Fire District.

Today, Rocky Mountain continues to staff Station 1 and 5 with a standard of seven firefighters total and one duty Chief around the clock. During wildland fire season, the district staffs an additional wildland fire engine during the day, 7 days a week.

Cherryvale Fire Protection District History

Eldorado Springs Fire Protection District History

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