Schedule a Birthday Party at the Fire Station

Rocky Mountain Fire is the only department in the county that provides birthday parties for its residents.  With so many requests and a limited amount of time the department must limit the parties to families who reside within the district. There is no charge for the party, but donations are accepted.

Here’s how it works:

We provide the space in the engine bay. We set up tables and chairs for the estimated number of people. Maximum number of children is 20 with a minimum of 1 adult for every 5 children.

The time allowed is 2.5 hours. This includes your set up, decorating and take down time. It is suggested you invite your guests 15 to 30 minutes after the beginning of your time slot to allow you adequate time to set up.  The tables will be set up prior to your arrival, and we will put them away at the end. Bring any food and ice cream in coolers. We cannot provide freezers or refrigeration. Pizza can be delivered to the station during the party if so desired. All parties must be concluded by 6:00 PM. No more than one event requiring crew interaction will be scheduled at any one station per day, this includes community room meetings.

You can bring piñatas, but bring your own rope to hang it with.

The fire fighters can provide an age specific safety talk and presentation if so desired. Truck and station tours can also be given. Other ideas are welcomed.

Be aware that the crew is on duty and has to respond to emergencies even though a party is in progress. If the crew has to leave, most times the party may continue. The crew might return in a short while depending on the type of call, but might be away for the rest of the party.

We really enjoy doing these parties, and appreciate your interest in our department. We are always looking for opportunities to educate and meet our constituents.

Facility Use Agreement:

Please click the Facility Use Agreement and Request Form link below, review the rules and regulations, and fill out the form to Request a Birthday Party at one of our fire stations. Please understand a request for a time slot and the event should not be considered scheduled until you receive a confirmation phone call from an employee of the Fire District.

Facility Use Agreement and Request Form