Reduction in Elderly Injuries

Typically as a modern and sophisticated society we focus on youth, all that is new, and progress. Rocky Mountain Fire recognizes the value and insight our elderly population contributes to our community. Less than a generation ago, the elderly played an important part in preserving our culture and memories. We feel that if we can assist in enhancing the quality of life of our elderly, our history, culture and self worth will be enhanced.

Elderly interactions are an important part of what we do every day. The spirit of this section of our website encompasses taking our daily responses to the elderly residents of our district one step further. Namely, use the department in a much more focused way as a true mechanism to prevent injury and to assist and instruct residents in safe practices.

Over the next several years we will be bringing more and more resources to this section. At this time we are presenting “self use” information and comprehensive checklists that can be used by families to determine if our community members have taken practical precautions to avoid injury and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Familiarity with ones surroundings can oftentimes jade ones realization of hazards and unsafe conditions. Use the resources presented here to your benefit. If you need further assistance, follow the links, or give us a call.