Wildland Fire Operations

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Wildland Mitigation / Chipping

The goal of the Rocky Mountain Fire District is to provide rapid and effective emergency services to the citizens of the district. To reduce the adverse effects from a wildfire to the citizens and their properties, wildland personnel perform wildfire mitigation services throughout the district. Vegetation limbing, thinning and slash chipping efforts are performed on individual home sites and large landscape scale fuel reduction projects.

The Wildland Fire Crew responds to 911 calls for service within the District, specifically in the Flagstaff area. They also provide back-up and support for all 911 services rendered by the 24-hour fire station crews. Additionally the crew is available and sometimes requested to out of district wildland fires. These fire assignments have taken them to many areas across the country where they have gained valuable firefighting experience, and thru interagency agreements, all personnel and equipment costs are recovered.

The crew works a 40 hour week. Their day to day duties include maintaining all types of firefighting apparatus and equipment, acquiring current and expected fire behavior forecasts and engaging in emergency services training. A great amount of time is devoted to performing wildfire mitigation services within the district.

Homeowners can contact RMF regarding fire mitigation services. Wildland personnel and the homeowner develop a plan to mitigate the home of wildfire hazards. The plan involves the evaluation of the home and its construction characteristics relative to the adjoining fuels, forest health and topography. Once the plan is written and agreed upon, the trees to be thinned are marked and mechanically cut. The rest of the trees lower limbs are removed and the cut slash is chipped or burned during the winter. This project meets two key goals, the education of the property owner about the realities of living in a fire prone area and the mitigation effort to increase the homes ability to resist fire.

For more information on Wildfire mitigation please contact or email:  Courtney Wenzel ( cwenzel@rockymountainfire.org)

We are currently accepting applications for seasonal wildland firefighters.  Please see the notice on our homepage for application and job posting.

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